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Level 3.png

3-4 years

Did you know that preschoolers have a natural love of music? Level 3 classes use music to boost language skills, confidence, social-emotional skills, self-control, and more. Parents and caregivers join at the end of each class to participate in the music-making.

Level 4.png

4-5 years

Thinking of signing up for piano lessons? Level 4 classes help build a foundation for formal music instruction. Children explore basic music symbols and more complex instruments. Plus, families can observe as their children master concepts that boost learning in other areas.

Level 5.png

Young Child 5-7

When kids learn big concepts in groups, it’s more likely to stick. Level 5 classes introduce music notation, new and complex instruments, and different genres of music. Children participate in ensembles while improving their problem-solving and pre-literacy skills.

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